Elli Rome was born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1951)
She is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY

Elli’s work explores human nature in a vibrant society, through discarded printed material, such as; documents, magazines, literature, and advertisements, just before   this era of print madness becomes our history. The process of her artwork reminisces an excavation of an archeology site in Israel. “We discover and define our history by the remains we leave behind.” Her process of intuitive, abstract, mixed-media approach. She tears, peels and pastes layers on top of layers of paper waste people leave behind; sheets of discarded architectural drawings; receipts, notes tourists leave behind in coffee shops; or a love note on a napkin left in a bar unclaimed... In the end what is left on the canvas are traces, shadows of history which become trails of experiences, ideas and desires for the viewer to explore.

Also, she is inspired by the overwhelming amount of scaffolds and the majestic buildings standing side by side the old stone buildings. She weaves these NYC moments into the fabric of memories of growing up in Israel, a state in war, fears, conflicts, desires and aspirations. A state where its archaeological sites stand side by side modern living spaces.

Since 2019 Elli's working on the aspect of the dowry in the Jewish traditional marriage. Through a metaphoric Persian carpet that was given to her by her mother for her soon to be wedding gift. She explores the relationship, of love and the frictions of the extended families relationships. This carpet symbolized the heavy layers of Jewish history, excitement and baggages of tradition. The fabric is essential to this series of paintings. The sheer soft feminine fabric gives the feeling of mixed emotion with the contrast of stark colors, between the known and the almost unknown. The paintings constituted layers of feelings love and horror.

Master of Fine Arts, SMFA at Tufts University, Boston, MA
Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Fine arts, School of Arts Center International, Florence, Italy
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communications Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2018 Drift, Group show Java Project Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Illusion, Solo show Java Project Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2017 WeRart, Group show Java Project Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016 All in One, Solo show, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2014 The Blue and White Thread, Group show, Cyclorama, Boston, MA
2013 Capture the Moon, Multimedia, Group show, 4th Wall Gallery, Boston, MA
2013 The Scream, School of the Museum of Fine Art Show, Boston, MA
2010 Coming to America, Group Show, La Corte, Florence, Italy
2010 Memories, Multimedia, Group show, La Corte, Florence, Italy
2008 Biblical Heroine , Solo show, Artworks, Richmond, VA
2008 Hot-locks, Group show, Artworks, Richmond, VA
2008 Fish Day, Group show, Artworks, Richmond, VA
2007 Summer Time, Group show, Petersburg Art center, Petersburg, VA

2012 Participated in the performance “Llegooo! FeFa” by María Magdalena
and Neil Leonard at, The 11th Havana Biennial at Wifredo Lam Center,
Havana, Cuba
2014 Participated in the performance “Habla La Madre” by the artist María
Magdalena Campos-Pons
and the musician Neil Leonard at Carrie Mae Weems LIVE:
“Performances” exhibition at Guggenheim museum, NYC