Esther’s work is a reflection of growing up in Israel, a state in war, fears, conflicts, desires and aspirations. A state where its archaeological sites stand side by side modern living spaces. Now, living in NYC, once again Esther is inspired by the energy of the city; its architecture, culture, artistic influence, designer shops and Its diverse people and their infinite creative work.

"I am especially interested in the paper waste people leave behind; sheets of rolls of architectural drawings; receipts, notes tourists leave behind in a coffee shop; or a love note on a napkin left in a bar unclaimed, as a proof of a living society, and an era that will soon become our history. I also, try to capture  the noise the city produces; the subway experience; the overwhelming amount of scaffolds; and the majestic buildings standing side by side the old stone buildings. I weave these NYC moments into my fabric of memories of growing up in Israel.

The process of my artwork reminisces an excavation of an archeology site in Israel. We discover and define our history by the remains we leave behind; We reinvent our past and we tell anew. The process is intuitive. I tear, peel and paste layers of paper on top of layers. In the end what is left on the canvas are traces of history which become trails of new experiences and desires."

When Esther creates her paintings she'd like to think that her paintings offer more than the eyes meet. By spending more time with her paintings, the viewer will find the core of this incredible city.

Esther see her paintings as living things, with their own inclinations, they want to be seen, they want to be touched or stroked, they need company. They have a soul.